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SOWIWA GROUP  Inc. is an International company from Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA, for SOLAR - WIND - WATER  Rights, Projects and Products in Europe and USA. From 2020 on, we produce ourself by SOWIWA Batteries with SOWIWA S-3 the best Storage - System - Structure,  to store electricity of Solar and Wind Farms for Off-Grid Production Facilities. 

XYZ DATA CENTER  is an Independant  Off-Taker to buy all electricity with long term contracts of 15 - 25 years, which we produce in our RNE projects and store it with our SOWIWA S-3 to deliver it 24/7.


99Green Valleys

include Production Facilities for Algae (A), Batteries (B), E-Trucks (T), Alternative Motors (M), Solar panel (S), Solar Tracker (T), Wind turbine (W), Vegan Food (V) and Vertical Gardening (G) by 99Freshies.

They get opened in Florida/USA with A+B+M+W+V+G, 

in Timisoara/Romania with B+S+T+G. Later also in Strumice / North Macedonia with B+M+T+V as also soon coming in Ukraine with B+T.

(A) Design by BEP Architekten, Berlin / Germany   >   >   >   >   >   >   >



Is getting the biggest Organic Food Producer in Europe and USA. 

The First Vegan Self-Service Restaurants gets opened in Orlando, Florida, in Mid of 2020. Others follow in Berlin, Paris, Miami, Warsaw, Sidney, Singapore and Hongkong.

Entities of 99ies



Projects are actually located in Europe (North Macedonia, Romania and Ukraine) and soon also in USA (Colorado, Florida and Kansas), Brazil and Colombia. 

In Green Valley Romania, we produce sub-construction  and batteries as SOWIWA S-3 with 25 MWh.



Projects are actually in Romania / Europe and Kansas / USA. In 2020, we open our Green Valley Florida with the  

First Wind Turbine Production Facility 

SOWIWA Y6Y, developed by Airgenesis, for the Offshore Class with 12+ MW. Additionally, also Floating Foundations for Wind Turbines.

E. M.A.R.S.


is the New Automotive Producer for Electrical Trucks from 18.0 tons in Europe and USA up to 60.0 tons for the Australian Market.

The Electrical e-Range will be from minimum 625 miles (1,000 km) up to 1,250 miles (2,000 km). Alternatively, we sell it also with a Full-Cell Engine for our E-Trucks.



Freshies stands in Australian language for alligators as also for Vegetables. We use it in the 2nd meaning for our New Line of Organic Food Products as also our Vegan Self-Service restaurants starting in 2020 in Florida and Warsaw, Poland.

99Royal Water


is our Selection of Different Mineral Water Sources with Healing effect



is an International Data Center Co., where clients rent Data, Cloud Space or  Crypto Miner for their Own Crypto Currency. They are located in North Macedonia, Romania and Florida / USA, later also Worldwide.  



is the Producer of Vegan Pharmaceutical Products against Cancer, Pain Treatment and Dietary Supplement.

99ORGA - Organic Food Markets


is the New Chain of Shops with Organic Food and Sustainable Products. They get produced directly and in Joint-Venture with entities of 99ies.

99VEG - Vertical Gardening


is a 24/7 organic producer for salads and fruits in a closed system. It reduce the water consumption on 10% of a traditional agriculture.



has its ICO in 2021, February, 01. 

It is the First Hybrid Currency combining the advantage of a Digital Currency with the Value of a Real Tactile Coin.

The projects, which will get financed by the new currency, are Off-Grid production facilities powered by Renewable Energy.

Sleeper´s Box


 Sleeper´s Box is the Answer on more and more expensive getting places for accommodations in the world. Reducing the Place of a Sleeping Place by Keeping enough Intimate Privacy for less expensive prices, comes historically from the Sailor´s small beds in their ships. 

We provide The Double Sleeper´s Box for Families or Couples as also  

The Classical Single Sleeper´s Box in our Accommodations worldwide.

All Sleeper´s Box include everytime 

a Vegan Cafe of  99Freshies, 

to provide you with healthy food at any time.

SOWIWA Batteries


 is the Battery producer of different technologies based on the long experience of our SOWIWA Director for Research + Development, 

The German Professor Dr. Rudolf Kiefer.

99FinSec fund RNE+Sustainability for Private+Public Entities

99FinSec America Incorporated


 99FinSec America is located in the beautiful Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. We are a Private company for Financial Security, which offers since 2018, Funding Advisory only for 

Projects in Renewable Energy as also for Sustainable Agriculture 

and Plus-Energy-Buildings for

each entity in 

99ies and for his Clients. 

We are not acting as a bank.

99FinSec Brazil Ltda.


 99FinSec Brazil Ltda. 

registered as T ALMEIDA DA S FILHO Ltda. 

is located in Fortaleza, CE, Brazil. 

In connection with the US Parental Company, 99FinSec America Incorporated, we advise interesting U. S. American Funding Solutions also for Communities in Brazil. 

We help them to fund installation of Solar-PV-roofs on Public Buildings like Schools, Public Administration, e.g., City Council or Sport Halls, Hospitals, etc. or install New LED- Street-Lamps to Reduce the CO² in their locations.

99FinSec America NYC Inc. and 99FinSec Florida Incorporated


99FinSec America NYC Incorporated

is located at 5th Avenue

in New York City



Providing Financial Advisory 


Renewable Energy, 


Architecture and 


99FinSec Florida Incorporated is now registered. It will coordinate our Financial Advisory in Latin America and especially in the State of Brazil.

99FinSec Club



Actually get opened the First 99FinSec Clubs in different parts of the world like Asia, America, Europe, to offer the Best Funding Solutions and Investment Projects in  

Green Energy only for our 

Club Members of 99FinSec. 


 99FinSec Club

Our Three We´s:

We offer Different Internal Platforms for a Better Wealth Management for Our Members. 

We are not a Family Office.

We support also from a 10th part of the Member Fees our Social Foundation ULiZA.

99FinSec Turkey S. A.


99FinSec Turkey S. A. 

gets actually registered in Istanbul with offices in Antalya and Ankara /  Turkey, to provide our Financial Consultancy to Turkish Clients, who need our Support to get better conditions for Funding their Projects in Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Water, Geothermal) as also Sustainable Architecture, Sustainable Agriculture, Health and Infrastructure.

New Companies and Projects

Green Valley North Macedonia


In 2020, we start to install on 1200 ha of land in the Eastern Part of North-Macedonia, Europes Biggest Solar-CSP Installation including a Vertical Gardening Farm, installed by 99Freshies, to use the Waste Heat of the CSP Installation.

Green Valley Romania


Near Timisoara, West-Romania, we install on 35 ha the New East-European Headquarter of SOWIWA Group in a building of 1,500 qm. On the same plot, we will also install the New Production line of SOWIWA SAXT, our own Single-AXis-Tracker in License with different Producer.

Green Valley Katar


From 2020 - 2022, we install in Katar the next Green Valley for the Production of Solar- and Wind Storage. Additionally, we will produce the Single AXis Tracker by SOWIWA SAXT. 

99Freshies will install another Vertical Gardening Farm on several hectares, too.



We will install the Newest Production Line of a New Invention coming from our  Partners in Virginia / USA.

It is the Very First Solar CSP System that can store by the Sunenergy produced electricity for up to 15 hours additional to the normal Sunshine hours. With its 8,000 hours of real Solar energy produced in a year, we have the first real Sun Power  Plant, which runs more hours than a Nuclear Power Station in average.

ULiZA Tower Warsaw Project started September 03rd 2019


We  started our New Skyscraper Project "ULiZA TOWER WARSAW" in the Center of the city. We build here a New Commercial Plus-Energy-Skyscraper, to get Warsaw´s Highest Building so far. It will contain a Vertical Mall, a New Theater for Comedy, Drama and Musical as also a New E-Mobility Center including 2000 Parking places and approx. 200,000 m² usable space. 

"ULiZA TOWER VIENNA" will get started in 2020, September, 03rd.

ULiZA Foundation


From End of 2019, we finally open our own Social Foundation for educating Young and Unemployed People in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Architecture  and Agriculture. They get located in every country, where we do projects in 99ies.

10 cents from every US Dollar or Euro, we earn, will go after taxes directly in our new ULiZA Foundation, which will get firstly located with his Headquarter in Warsaw / Poland.

U L i Z A




is the Answer on getting a fully equipped apartment for a Short-term as also for Long-Term Rental with the Standard of a 

5+ Star Hotel. We take care for all, you need in your new place at 24 / 7.  All buildings are designed under U.S.American LEED Standard for a real Sustainable Architecture as 




Our First   U L i Z A   APARTHOTEL will open in the next 2.5 years in the Capitol of Poland, in Warsaw. Under it´s glass roof, we will have an All-Year-long more Southern Atmosphere as you have normally in Poland. By the use of Heat-pumps, we reduce the Total Energy consumption and reduce annually the CO²-Production by a few hundred tons less.

U L i Z A - N A M Cooperation


U L i Z A  and  NAM (NAM got founded by the German dentist Prof. Dr. Tilman Fritsch), will co-operate together, to install a huge chain of  NAM Health Castle Center. Additionally, we build in the vicinity every time a 50 MW Solar Farm by SOWIWA GROUP, to provide the needed electricity to the 1,200 beds big Health Center, including each time a NAM NATURE  Home for the Elder People of us.

Each project with a needed Investment of EUR 300+ Million, will get all time financed by the Support of  99FinSec America Inc. worldwide. 

U L i Z A Winter World Poland


Contains the Plan, to Install and Operate the Biggest Closed Artificial Winter Sport Center in Poland with a Length of more than 1 km. It gets located in the South of Poland and has on 365 days the ski schools running as also accommodation available. With the Help of SOWIWA GROUP, it will be also a Plus-Energy-Building after US American LEED Standards.




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